CeODAX.GetLastErrorString Method

PocketBrowser 3.x API

The GetLastErrorString Method of the ODAX ActiveX Object returns a string containing an error message relating to the last error that occurred.

GetLastErrorString (Method of the ODAX ActiveX Object) Syntax
var strErrorMsg = object.GetLastErrorString();

axReturns Toggle Return Values

Name Description
StrErrorMsg Returns a string containing an error message

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The following javascript uses the FileExists method:

var ax = new ActiveXObject("CeODAX.ODAX");

var count = ax.Select('SELECT * FROM \'\\application\\test.xml\';', ',', false);
var colval = ax.Get("field1");// this will result in an error
if(colval.length < 1)
var strErrorMsg = ax.GetLastErrorString();
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Supported Platforms Windows Mobile, Windows CE
Persistence Runs immediately.
Min. Requirements None.