PSExternal Method

PocketBrowser 3.x API

 The PSExternal Method of the NarrowBand ActiveX Object is used to send commands via the Adaptive Printer Driver without returning a result.

PSExternal (Method of the NarrowBand ActiveX Object) Syntax
NarrowBand.PSExternal(iCommand, strParameter);

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Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

Name Possible Values Description
Default Value
iCommand See APD documentation for function values A four digit numeric value representing the required Adaptive Printer Driver function ID. N/A
strParameter See APD documentation for function values String containing function specific parameters/data to be passed to the Adaptive Printer Driver. N/A

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The following javascript code demonstrates the useage of this method:

var NarrowBand = new ActiveXObject("PocketBrowser.NarrowBand");
var printerID = '2350C';

NarrowBand.PSExternal(261, printerID);

if (NarrowBand.PSExternalEx(257, 'Hello World') > 0)
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Supported Platforms Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Persistence Executes immediately
Min. Requirements None