RhoMobile 4.x Migration Guide

Enterprise Browser 3.0


Enterprise Browser supports RhoElements 4.x Shared Runtime applications and HTML-based hybrid RhoMobile applications for Android and Windows Mobile/CE that use HTML and JavaScript. Ruby APIs and Ruby-language program code are NOT supported.

JavaScript Usage

In RhoElements 4.x, access to the features were made available through JavaScript objects under the Rho. namespace:

// Scan with default options
Rho.Barcode.take({}, scan_received);

To use the Rho. namespace, replace the rhoapi-modules.js file that came with RhoMobile Suite 4.x with the file rhoapi-modules.js that came with Enterprise Browser. By default, this file is located in the following directory on the development host:

  • C:/EnterpriseBrowser/JavaScriptFiles/BackwardCompatibility/

Android Intents

Enterprise Browser 1.3 and higher includes support for Android Intents, which can be specified through an entry in the manifest file or using the IntentReceiver parameter of the Config.xml file. See the Intent Receiver section of the Enterprise Browser Config.xml Reference for more information.