Zoom Module

RhoElements 2.x API


The Zoom Module is used to set the magnification of the text or page.


zoom (Module) <META> Syntax

<META HTTP-Equiv="zoom" content="[Parameter]">

Zoom JavaScript Object Syntax:
By default the JavaScript Object 'zoom' will exist on the current page and can be used to interact directly with the zoom.
To Set zoom parameters via JavaScript use the following syntax: zoom.parameter = 'value'; remembering to enclose your value in quotes where appropriate.

e.g. zoom.text = 'value';

To set multiple EMML parameters / events on a single line use the following syntax: zoom.setEMML("[Your EMML Tags]");

e.g. zoom.setEMML("text:value");


Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

NamePossible ValuesDescriptionDefault Value
text:[Value] Number in the range 0 to 4Sets the font size to be displayed on the page, set to 0 for the smallest font and 4 for the largest font.2
page:[Value] Number greater than 0.0Sets the zoom factor of the page. Factor 1.0 is no zoom, values less than 1.0 are zoomed out and values greater than 1.0 are zoomed in. In android,zoom will take effect after page refresh or page transition.1.0


RhoElements Version1.0.0 or above
Supported DevicesAll supported devices.
Minimum RequirementsNone.
PersistencePersistent - Changes to this module will persist when navigating to a new page.

HTML/JavaScript Examples

The following example uses zoom to set the text zoom level to the smallest:

<META HTTP-Equiv="zoom" Content="text:0">

The following example will zoom the page to enable an application written for a QVGA screen to be displayed properly on a VGA screen:

<META HTTP-Equiv="zoom" Content="page:2.0">