Wake Module

RhoElements 2.x API


The Wake Module is used to keep the display and Wi-Fi radio turned on whenever a RhoElements app is active.


wake (Module) <META> Syntax

<META HTTP-Equiv="wake" content="[parameter]">

Wake JavaScript Object Syntax:
By default the JavaScript Object 'wake' will exist on the current page and can be used to interact directly with the wake.
To Set wake parameters via JavaScript use the following syntax: wake.parameter = 'value'; remembering to enclose your value in quotes where appropriate.

e.g. wake.wakeLock = 'value';

To set multiple EMML parameters / events on a single line use the following syntax: wake.setEMML("[Your EMML Tags]");

e.g. wake.setEMML("wakeLock:value");


Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

NamePossible ValuesDescriptionDefault Value
wakeLock:[Value] Enabled, disabledEnables / disables the screenDisabled
wifiLock:[Value] Enabled, disabledEnables / disables the networkDisabled


wake Method

Please note that enabling locks override the system values and consume more battery power.


RhoElements Version2.2 or above
Supported DevicesEnterprise Tablet only
Minimum RequirementsNone
PersistencePersistent - Changes to this module will persist when navigating to a new page.

HTML/JavaScript Examples

The following keeps the device on and doesn't go to standby

<META HTTP-Equiv="wake" Content="wakeLock:Enabled;wifiLock:Enabled">