Reboot Module

RhoElements 2.x API


The Reboot Module immediately reboots to device when invoked.


reboot (Module) <META> Syntax

<META HTTP-Equiv="Reboot" content="[parameter]">

Reboot JavaScript Object Syntax:
By default the JavaScript Object 'reboot' will exist on the current page and can be used to interact directly with the reboot.
To Set reboot parameters via JavaScript use the following syntax: reboot.parameter = 'value'; remembering to enclose your value in quotes where appropriate.

e.g. reboot.bootType = 'value';

To set multiple EMML parameters / events on a single line use the following syntax: reboot.setEMML("[Your EMML Tags]");

e.g. reboot.setEMML("bootType:value");


Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

Name Possible Values Description Default Value
bootType:[Value] "Warm", "Cold" or "ColdCAD" Reboots the device using either a Warm or Cold software boot (as specified). Note on CE6 & CE7 devices a 'ColdCAD' boot is required to replicate the Coldboot key sequence, e.g. 1+9+Power on an MC3000. N/A


Suggested Use

The Reboot tag can be used to apply new settings after downloading files (eg. .REG) or applications from a server.

Windows Mobile

Not all Windows Mobile/CE devices support Cold or ColdCAD features. If a cold boot is attempted on such devices, a warm boot will be performed instead. On WM 5.0 and higher, there is no software difference between a warm and a cold boot as the device uses persistent storage; both the file and registry will remain the same after boot.


RhoElements Version 1.0.0 or above
Supported Devices All supported devices. (See Above comment for behavior on Windows Mobile)
Minimum Requirements None.
Persistence Immediate - These methods are actioned immediately.

HTML/Javascript Examples

The following example Warm boots the terminal:

<META HTTP-Equiv="Reboot" Content="BootType:Warm">