PowerOn Module

RhoElements 2.x API


The PowerOn API is used to register to receive an event when the device is resumed from suspend mode.

Enabling the API

In order to use this API you must include reference to the following JavaScript file that is included with the Enterprise Browser installation:

  • elements.js

Note - this file either needs to be on the device in a relative folder from where your HTML page is, or it must be copied to your web server appropriately.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="elements.js"></script>;

API Usage

This API does not use the EB namespace. It is simply referenced using the API name as in this sample JavaScript:

powerOn.powerOnEvent = "url('JavaScript:powerOnCallback(%json)';)";


To handle events, you assign a string value to the event name that represents a function name or JavaScript statement to execute.


The PowerOnEvent is sent whenever the device is resumed from suspend mode. There is no data associated with this event.


Example usage

This feature is very useful for security. Navigating to an offline page (file:// protocol) when the device is powered on can be used to request a pin number from the user.

Use when cradled

Windows Power events will not always be generated when the device is connected to power and instructed to stand by / wake up, though this is dependent on the Operating System in use.