Stylus Meta Tag

PocketBrowser 3.x API

The Stylus Meta Tag is an action tag used to enable and disable the touch screen.

Stylus (META Tag) Syntax
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Stylus" content="[method>

Items listed in this section indicate methods or, in some cases, indicate parameters which will be retrieved.

Name Description
Default Value
Enabled Enables the touch screen Device Dependant
Disabled Disables the touch screen Device Dependant
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The following example disables the touch screen until the Enter key is pressed:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Stylus" content="Disabled">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="OnKey0x0d" content="javascript:doTest();">

function doTest()
var objGeneric = new ActiveXObject("PocketBrowser.Generic");
objGeneric.InvokeMETAFunction('Stylus', 'Enabled');
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Remote Display
This tag does not affect the behaviour of remote display applications for controlling the device

Supported Platforms Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Persistence This tag is persistent.
Min. Requirements None.