SNTP Meta Tag

PocketBrowser 3.x API

The SNTP Meta Tag is an action tag used to synchronize the device clock with an SNTP network server.

SNTP (META Tag) Syntax
<META HTTP-Equiv="SNTP" content="[parameter>

Items listed in this section indicate parameters, or attributes which can be set.

Name Possible Values Description
Default Value
ServerIP:[Value] Valid IP Address The IP address of the SNTP time server N/A
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The following example sets the device time from a network time server:

<META HTTP-Equiv="SNTP" Content="ServerIP:">
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Once this tag is parsed PocketBrowser will request the time from the SNTP server immediately, however the clock will not be updated until a response is received. Network latency and connectivity issues can all affect the speed and success with which this tag is actioned.

Proxy Settings
Windows Mobile 5.0 will not allow you to obtain SNTP time when requesting via a proxy server, it is recommended the proxy is bypassed for this to work.

Supported Platforms Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Persistence This tag is persistent.
Min. Requirements None.