PowerOn Meta Tag

PocketBrowser 3.x API

The PowerOn Meta Tag is used to register to receive an event when the device resumes from suspend mode.

PowerOn (META Tag) Syntax
<META HTTP-Equiv="PowerOn" content="PowerOnEvent:url('[jsFunction | url]')">

Modules return information back to their web pages via retrieval tags, for example the scanner has a retrieval tag called 'DecodeEvent' which is called whenever it decodes a barcode. To register to receive a retrieval tag call the module as follows:

<META HTTP-Equiv="[Module]" content="[RetrievalTag]:url('[URI]')">
So to register to retrieve the Scanner's DecodeEvent the following syntax would be used:
<META HTTP-Equiv="Scanner" content="DecodeEvent:url('Javascript:doScan('%6', '%s', %3, '%2');')">

Retrieval tags return information by replacing the text in place holders, defined as '%s' or '%<number>'. Each place holder represents 1 return value with '%s' being populated sequentially or '%<number>' providing direct acces to the desired value.

If the content for the Scanner's DecodeEvent is:

"url('Javascript:doScan('%6', '%s', %3, '%2');')"

The function would be called as follows:
"Javascript:doScan('Decode', '5449000053879', 0x35, 'SCN:EAN13');"

The PowerOnEvent is sent whenever the device is resumed from suspend mode. There is no data associated with this event.

The following example displays a message box when the device resumes:

<meta http-equiv="PowerOn" content="PowerOnEvent:url('javascript:alert('Powered Up');')">
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Example usage
This feature is very useful for security. Navigating to an offline page (file:// protocol) when the device is powered on can be used to request a pin number from the user.

Use when cradled
Windows Power events will not always be generated when the device is connected to power and instructed to stand by / wake up, though this is dependant on the Operating System in use.

Supported Platforms Windows CE, Windows Mobile
Persistence This tag is page specific.
Min. Requirements None