Security Features

Enterprise Browser 1.6


Enterprise Browser offers numerous security features implemented in various ways and through different interfaces. Below is a summary of EB security features with links to the relevant documentation for each.

Basic/Digest Authentication

Enterprise Browser supports pages that are password-protected with basic and digest authentication. The tags for this feature are located in the <authentication> node of the EB app's config.xml file.

Client and Server Certificates

Enterprise Browser supports access to web sites that are protected with client- or server-side certificates. This is documented in the <Certificates guide>.

Compliance with TLS 1.2, SSL3

Enterprise Browser supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the newer Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, detailed in the EB Compliance Guide.

Device Lock-down

When tight control over device settings and/or apps is required, Enterprise Browser 1.6 and higher integrates with Enterprise Home Screen, Zebra's free Android device lock-down solution.

See the EB Device Lock-down Guide for instructions.

Exit Password

Enterprise Browser can configure any EB application to require a password before allowing the app to exit. This feature is implemented with the <ExitPasswordEnabled> tag of the app's config.xml file.

Settings Lock-out

An EB app can prevent a user from accessing the Settings panel on a device by using the <SettingsPageProtectionEnabled> tag in the EB app's config.xml file

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