Security Features

Enterprise Browser 1.6


Enterprise Browser offers numerous security features implemented in various ways and through different interfaces. Below is a summary of EB security features with links to the relevant documentation for each.

Basic/Digest Authentication

Enterprise Browser supports pages that are password-protected with basic and digest authentication. The tags for this feature are located in the <authentication> node of the EB app's config.xml file.

Client and Server Certificates

Enterprise Browser supports access to web sites that are protected with client- or server-side certificates. This is documented in the <Certificates guide>.

Compliance with TLS 1.2, SSL3

Enterprise Browser supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and the newer Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, detailed in the EB Compliance Guide.

Exit Password

Enterprise Browser can configure any EB application to require a password before allowing the app to exit. This feature is implemented with the <ExitPasswordEnabled> tag of the app's config.xml file.

Settings Lock-out

An EB app can prevent a user from accessing the Settings panel on a device by using the <SettingsPageProtectionEnabled> tag in the EB app's config.xml file

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