SimulScan Document Capture

Demonstrates how Simulscan APIs can be used to capture multiple types of data from paper forms.

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EMDK For Xamarin - 8.0




This sample application demonstrates how Simulscan APIs can be used to capture multiple types of data from forms, labels, boxes etc.


  • A SimulScan-licensed device
  • A Simulscan template
  • A printed copy of the form used to create the template
  • Android API 19 or higher loaded via the SDK Manager

Loading the Sample Application

  1. Choose a sample and click the See Details button.
  2. Now click the Download button
  3. IMPORTANT: Extract the downloaded project zip file to C:\ (or to the root of an alternate drive).
  4. Navigate to the root of the unzipped project folder and double-click the .sln file. The project loads in the default IDE for that file type.

Alternatively, launch a preferred IDE and load the project via the File > Open menu.

Using This Sample

  1. Place a template on the SD card of the SimulScan-licensed device using an adb command similar to the one below: ::: adb push myTemplate.xml /sdcard/simulscan/templates/

  2. Grant the app permission to access “Storage” by navigating to
    Settings -> Apps -> SimulScanSample1 -> Permissions. The screen should look similar to the image below: image

  3. Launch The SimulScan sample app, which finds all templates stored in the SD card. Tap the "Set Template" button and select the template pushed to the device in Step 1: image

  4. Press the "Read" button and follow the on-screen instructions. The sample app extracts the fields defined in the template: image
    If the "Display Results View" option is checked, a list of results is displayed for review: image

  5. Press the "Accept" button. The app displays the elapsed time for capturing and decoding the template fields:


  6. Press the device's "BACK" button to return to the main screen.