Create a new project in Xamarin Studio

EMDK For Xamarin 8.0


Before creating a project in Xamarin Studio you must have installed the following items:

  • Xamarin Platform
    • Xamarin Studio will be installed during the Xamarin Platform install

Create a new project

  1. Start Xamarin Studio, and wait for the IDE to finish loading.
  2. From the File Menu, select New, then Solution
  3. In the New Project dialog, select Android then App from the far left pane.
  4. Step 3 will load the the Xamarin Android Templates in the center pane, select Android App (C#) from that pane, and click Next.
  5. Enter a name for your project in the App Name: field below the templates pane, and click Next.
  6. Press Create, to create the project.

Xamarin studio will then create and then load your new project.

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