EMDK For Xamarin 4.0

This class is used by the ScanAndPairTool class. Specifies the scanning related information. The settings provided through this class are used for scanning the barcode. It also exposes the scanned data. NOTE: The maximum allowed length of the barcode that can be scanned is 123 characters.

Type - Java.Lang.Object



public ScanInformation ();



Specifies the type of scanner to be used for scanning the barcode. The default value is FIRSTAVAILABLE.

Type - Symbol.XamarinEMDK.ScanAndPair.ScanAndPairConfig+DeviceIdentifier


Specifies the type of barcode data to be scanned. The barcode data can be either the Bluetooth address or name of the remote device. The default value is UNSPECIFIED, meaning the class library will automatically attempt to determine if it is a valid address. If it is not a valid address, it will be considered as a Bluetooth name.

Type - Symbol.XamarinEMDK.ScanAndPair.ScanAndPairConfig+ScanDataType


Provides the scanned data. The maximum allowed length of the barcode that can be scanned is 123 characters.

Type - System.String


Scan timeout in milliseconds. Specifies the time duration within which the barcode should be scanned. NOTE: The default timeout value is provided by the scanner driver and it varies depending on the device. If a value of 0 is set, then it means infinite timeout.

Type - System.Int32


Specifies the type of trigger to be used. The default value is AUTO. If manual, then the hardware trigger needs to be manually pressed to turn ON the scanner. If auto, then the scanner is turned ON automatically and no need to press any triggers.

Type - Symbol.XamarinEMDK.ScanAndPair.ScanAndPairConfig+TriggerType