Create an Android Studio Project

EMDK For Android 13.0


This tutorial will aid you creating a new Android application project using Android Studio.

Creating The Project

Open Android Studio. If you have a previous project open, close the project by clicking Close Project from the File menu.

  1. Select Start a new Android Studio project under Quick Start section.


  2. In the new project wizard we need to assign Application Name specific to your tutorial of EMDK feature along with Company Domain and click "Next".


  3. Select the Minimum SDK that supports the SDK features your project requires and click Next.


  4. Select Blank Activity option on Add an activity to Mobile screen and click Next.


  5. Click Finish and your new Android Studio project will be created.


Note: The \assets folder is not present in the project structure by default; Profile Manager creates the folder when needed.

Enable the EMDK for Android in your project

Set EMDK as Compile SDK in Project Structure

After completing the steps in Creating The Project

  1. Select Project Structure from the File menu.
  2. In the Project Structure window select app from the left pane under Modules.
  3. Now select EMDK APIs, Android 23, rev XXX (API XX) in from the **Compile Sdk Version drop-down box.
  4. Now click the OK button.

EMDK as a dependency in

See Step 4 in the EMDK-A Setup guide for instructions.