NFC SAM Configuration

Demonstrates use of the NFC Secure Access Module.

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EMDK For Android - 13.0


TC72, TC77


EMDK for Android allows secure communication with NFC tags through use of the Secure Access Module (SAM).

Available SAM actions:

  • Get the SAM Manager
  • Enumerate SAM objects
  • Use the SAM module
  • Tranceive data
  • Disconnect the SAM module
  • Get the SAM index
  • Detect an NFC tag


  • Supported Visual Studio version on a Mac or Windows PC with Android API 22 (or higher) installed.
    See EMDK Setup Guide for help.
  • A supported Zebra Android device (see list above)
  • A Zebra SAM module installed and configured

Load Sample App

NOTE: The appearance of sample app screens can vary by sample app version, Android version and screen size.

Before beginning, download, build and install the sample app.
See the Sample App Set-up Guide for help.

Using This Sample

  1. When the application starts it should look like the following:


  2. Note the information provided by this static sample app.

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