Sample App Set-up Guide


EMDK For Android - 8.0


Loading a Sample App

  1. Choose a sample and click the See Details button. img

  2. Now click the Download button and select Android Studio Project img

  3. Extract the downloaded project zip file and make note of the extracted sample's path. You will need to know where it exists on your file system in following steps.

  4. Now open Android Studio. If you have a previous project open, close the project by clicking Close Project from the File menu.

  5. In the Android Studio Welcome window, select Open an existing Android Studio project from the Quick Start pane.

  6. Browse to the path of the extracted project(from step #3) , add click the OK button.

Once Android Studio completes setting up the proect, the sample should now be ready to deploy.

Deploying a Sample Application

  1. Select the project you want to deploy from the run configuration drop down, then press the green play button.

    Android studio will push the application to your device via USB and start the main activity.