EMDK For Android 4.0

Defines all the error codes the SimulScan API returns.


  • SUCCESS -Success.

  • ALREADY_SCANNING -A scan operation is already in progress.

  • ALREADY_STOPPED_SCANNING -The reader has already stopped scanning

  • READER_ALREADY_ENABLED -Reader is already enabled

  • READER_IN_USE -Another reader is already enabled and in use. Only one reader can be enabled at a time.

  • READER_ALREADY_DISABLED -The reader is already disabled

  • FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -The feature is not supported completely or for specified input.

  • READER_NOT_ENABLED -The selected reader is not enabled.

  • INVALID_OBJECT -The reader has been released and is not valid.

  • FAILED_TO_LOAD_TEMPLATE -Failed to load template

  • FAILED_TO_SET_TEMPLATE -Failed to set template

  • TEMPLATE_NOT_SET -Failed to set template

  • INVALID_VALUE -The value passed is not valid.

  • NO_DATA_LISTENER -Data listner is not set

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -EMDK is not opened

  • READER_INIT_FAILED -Reader initialization failed.

  • READER_DEINIT_FAILED -Reader initialization failed.

  • UNDEFINED -Undefined

  • FAILURE -Failure