EMDK For Android 4.0

Serial Communication error codes and its details.


  • SUCCESS -Success

  • FAILURE -Failure

  • INVALID_VALUE -Invalid value.

  • DEVICE_NOT_CONNECTED -The remote device is not connected or attached to the mobile device.

  • NOT_ENABLED -The communication channel is not enabled.

  • ALREADY_ENABLED -The communication channel is already enabled.

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -EMDK is not opened

  • FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -The feature is not supported.

  • INVALID_OBJECT -The object is not valid.

  • DEVICE_NOT_READY -Serial port is not ready to use. Try later.

  • COMM_PORT_IN_USE -The serial communication port is already used by other instance.

  • DATA_SIZE_TOO_LARGE -The number of bytes to write can't exceed maximum limit(4096 Bytes).

  • UNDEFINED -Error code not defined.