EMDK For Android 4.0

APDU Service errors


  • SUCCESS -Success

  • FAILURE -Failed

  • INIT_FAILURE -The SAM is not initialized properly.

  • INVALID_OBJECT -Invalid Object

  • INVALID_VALUE -Invalid input parameter

  • NFC_DISABLED -NFC is disabled on the device. Try enabling the NFC before using the secure NFC API.

  • FRAMING_ERROR -Error in the frame.

  • BAD_NAD -Bad NAD error

  • CARD_DEACTIVATED -The smart card is deactivated.

  • CARD_MUTED -The smart card is muted during the T=1 exchange.

  • PROCESSING_CHAIN_ABORTED -The smart card processing chain aborted during transmission and reception.

  • CMD_FRAME_LOST -Atleast one command frame is lost while processing the APDU.

  • NOT_ENABLED -The connection to SAM is not established.

  • SAM_NOT_AVAILABLE -SAM not present in the device. Try inserting SAM before using the Secure NFC API.

  • LENGTH_TOO_SHORT -The length is too short occurs when actual length of data received from SAM is less than expected length.

  • NEGATIVE_LENGTH -The negative length error occurs when actual length is less than zero.

  • CARD_MEMORY_OVERFLOW -The memory overflow from the smart card.

  • TX_PARITY_ERROR -The hardware parity error during the transmission of data.

  • RX_PARITY_ERROR -The hardware parity error during the reception of the data.

  • RESYNC -Resyncing is required.

  • SERIAL_LRC_ERR -Serial LRC error

  • TIME_OUT -The hardware timed out after the waiting time.

  • TOO_SHORT_APDU -The hardware error due to APDU length is short

  • UART_BUFFER_OVERFLOW -UART buffer overflow

  • VOLTAGE_DROP -Voltage supply dropped.

  • INVALID_APDU -The APDU command is invalid or wrong

  • PROC_BYTE_ERR -The Hardware procedure byte error

  • TEMP_ALARAM -The temperature is out of range.

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -EMDK is not opened.

  • UNDEFINED -Error code not defined.