EMDK For Android 4.0

Defines all the error codes the MifareSAM APIs returns.


  • SUCCESS -Success

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -The EMDK is not opened.

  • NFC_DISABLED -NFC is disabled in settings, try enabling the NFC.

  • SAM_NOT_AVAILABLE -SAM not present in the device. Try inserting SAM before using the Secure NFC API.

  • FAILURE -Failure

  • ALREADY_CONNECTED -The SAM is already connected.

  • INVALID_VALUE -Invalid input parameter

  • INVALID_KEY -The key type or length is invalid.

  • PARAM_NOT_SUPPORTED -The parameter not supported.

  • NOT_CONNECTED -The SAM is not connected. Try calling connect before making other calls.

  • SAM_NOT_IN_AV1_MODE -The SAM is not in the AV1 mode.

  • SAM_NOT_IN_AV2_MODE -The SAM is not in the AV2 mode.

  • SAM_KEY_DISABLED -The specified SAM key is disabled.

  • INVALID_HOST_KEY -The key specified is not a host key

  • MEMORY_FAILURE -Memory failure (KUC could not be updated).

  • KEY_VER_NOT_FOUND -The key version is not found.

  • INVALID_KEY_ENTRY_OR_KUC -Referenced data is invalid for key entry or KUC (Key Usage Counters).

  • AUTH_COND_NOT_SATISFIED -SAM in AV1 mode: Key entry cannot be used for authentication, MIFARE SAM AV2 needs to be unlocked with key entry 00h first or KUC limit reached.

    SAM in AV2 mode: Key entry disabled, no Host Key type, startup host authentication accomplished, no lock/unlock key, not key zero, unlock key number and version mismatch, no AES key type, KUC limit exceeded or Unknown key type.

  • UNDEFINED -Error code not defined.