EMDK For Android 4.0


  • SUCCESS -Success

  • FAILURE -Failure

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -The EMDK is not opened.

  • NOT_ENABLED -The connection to the Tag is not enabled. Try after enabling the TAG.

  • AUTHENTICATION_ERROR -The tag is not authenticated or not allowed to peform operations requested.

  • RW_OPERATIONS_LIMIT_EXCEEDED -The number of read or write operation is exceeded for the current session

  • INVALID_MAC -Invalid Mac in command or response

  • INVALID_BLOCK_NUMBER -The block using for the operation is not valid.

  • BLOCK_NOT_EXISTS -The block using for the operation does not exist on the tag.

  • NOT_SUPPORTED_COMMAND -The current command not supported for the current card state i.e., the application is trying to perform the operation which is not supported for MifarePlus Security level 3.

  • ACCESSING_EMPTY_BLOCK -The application is trying to perform operation or access the block on the tag which is empty or null.

  • ALREADY_ENABLED -The tag is already enabled.

  • TAG_LOST -Tag lost

  • TAG_MEMORY_ERROR -The requested operation cannot be performed on the block either due to overflow or underflow of the block memory

  • INVALID_VALUE -The value or parameter passed is invalid.

  • INVALID_VALUE_BLOCK -The block used for the increment /decrement/transfer is not a valid value block.

  • SAM_AUTHENTICATION_ERROR -The application is trying to use the key which is not valid or not present on the SAM.

  • PARAM_NOT_SUPPORTED -The parameter not supported.

  • UNDEFINED -Undefined