EMDK For Android 4.0

Provides list of result codes for ScanAndPair class.


  • SUCCESS -Success

  • FAILURE -Operation is failed.

  • INVALID_OBJECT -The object is not valid.

  • INVALID_CONFIG -Invalid configuration

  • INVALID_BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO -Invalid Bluetooth address or name provided

  • INVALID_PAIRING_PIN -Invalid Pin entered for Bluetooth pairing

  • BLUETOOTH_NOT_ENABLED -Failure in Bluetooth initialization

  • BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_DISCOVERY_FAILED -Unable to discover Bluetooth device

  • BLUETOOTH_SERVICE_DISCOVERY_FAILED -Unable to perform Bluetooth service discovery

  • DEVICE_NOT_PAIRED -Trying to unpair a Bluetooth device which is not yet paired.

  • DEVICE_ALREADY_PAIRED -Trying to pair a Bluetooth device which is already paired.

  • DEVICE_PAIRING_FAILED -Failure in Bluetooth pairing

  • DEVICE_UNPAIRING_FAILED -Failure in Bluetooth unpairing

  • PAIRING_TIMEDOUT -Bluetooth pairing timed out

  • SCANNER_INIT_FAILURE -Error in opening scanner

  • SCANNER_UNINT_FAILED -Error in closing scanner

  • SCANNER_NOT_SUPPORTED -Scanner not supported or not available

  • SCANNER_IN_USE -Scanner is busy in performing some other operation

  • INVALID_SCANNED_DATA -Invalid scanned data.

  • SCANNER_READ_FAILED -Error in scanning barcode

  • PREVIOUS_COMMAND_PENDING -Previously requested command is in progress, wait for it to complete.

  • INPROGRESS -The operation requested is in progress.