EMDK For Android 4.0

Defines all the status codes the library returns.

Example Usage:



  • SUCCESS -Process profile was a success.

  • FAILURE -Process profile was a failure.

  • UNKNOWN -Process profile had mixed results.

  • NULL_POINTER -Process profile was a had a null value.

  • EMPTY_PROFILENAME -Profile name passed Process profile was empty.

  • EMDK_NOT_OPENED -EMDK is not opened

  • CHECK_XML -This is returned when multiple features are present in the profile. In such a case the only way to verify if the API call was successful is to analyze the XML.

  • PREVIOUS_REQUEST_IN_PROGRESS -The previous request is in progress, wait for it to complete before next request.

  • PROCESSING -The processing of profile started, the result will be returned through the data listener callback registered.

  • NO_DATA_LISTENER -The asynchronous method (Ex: processProfileAsync) is issued without adding the data listener.

  • FEATURE_NOT_READY_TO_USE -The requested feature is not ready to use. Try later.

  • FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -The requested feature is not supported on this device.