EMDK For Android 4.0

Defines all the error codes the barcode scanning API returns.


  • SUCCESS -Success.

  • ALREADY_SCANNING -Scanning in progress.

  • SCANNER_IN_USE -Cannot enable scanner and is already in use.

  • VF_ERROR -View finder error.

  • INVALID_VALUE -The value is invalid.

  • SCAN_PARAM_NOT_SUPPORTED -Particular parameter not supported.

  • SCAN_DATA_FAILURE -Unexpected scan data

  • SCAN_PARAM_READ_ONLY -Read only parameters.

  • LENGTH_MISMATCH -Decoded barcode does not meet length requirements.

  • SCANNER_OPERATION_FAILURE -Scanner operation failed.

  • FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED -The feature is not supported.

  • SCANNER_NOT_SUPPORTED -Scanner not supported.

  • FAILURE -Failure

  • SCANNER_NOT_ENABLED -The scanner device is not enabled.

  • SCANNER_TIMED_OUT -The timer out error occurred.

  • INVALID_OBJECT -The object is not valid.

  • NO_DATA_LISTENER -Scan read is issued without adding the data listener.

  • TRIGGER_KEY_REG_FAILED -Failed to register for the hard trigger key notification.

  • TRIGGER_KEY_IN_USE -Trigger key is already used by other user.

  • TRIGGER_KEY_UNREG_FAILED -Failed to unRegister for the hard trigger key notification.

  • SCANNER_INIT_FAILURE -Scanner initialization failed.

  • SCANNER_DEINIT_FAILURE -Scanner de-initialization failed.

  • UNDEFINED -Error code not defined.