Multi-barcode Scanning

Shows how to scan multiple barcodes simultaneously.

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EMDK For Android - 13.0


MC33 O, PS20 O, TC20 N/O, TC25 N/O, TC51 O, TC52 O, TC56 O, TC57 O, TC70x O, TC72 O, TC77 O


This sample demonstrates simultaneous scanning of multiple barcodes using capabilities in the Barcode/Scanning APIs introduced with EMDK for Android 6.8. These APIs work independently of any Data Capture profiles.


  • This sample illustrates a single use-case for implementing multi-barcode features; it is not a comprehensive example of the many ways this feature could be used.
  • DataWedge cannot be configured for data capture through Profile Manager when using EMDK-A 6.8 and higher. Zebra recommends using the DataWedge APIs instead.


  • Android Studio on a Mac or Windows PC with Android API 22 (or higher) installed.
    See EMDK Setup Guide for help.
  • A supported Zebra Android device (see list above)
  • A scan target with two or more barcodes

Using Sample App

NOTE: The appearance of sample app screens can vary by sample app version, Android version and screen size.

Before beginning, download, build and install the sample app.
See the Sample App Set-up Guide for help.

  1. Launch the sample app. It should appear similar to the image below: image

  2. Select the desired scanner, point the device at a scan target that contains multiple barcodes and tap the Scan button.
    The status area should appear similar to the image below:


NOTE: Sample apps are for demonstration purposes only and should not be used in production environments.