Choosing an MX Version

EMDK For Android 13.0


The MX Management System (MXMS) provides a common interface to Zebra Android device capabilities utilizing XML that conforms to the standard OMA-CP PROV (Microsoft MSPROV) schema. This allows developers and administrators to have an extensible, efficient, reliable and scalable means for configuring and administrating Zebra Android devices. MXMS exposes capabilities that underlying CSPs provide to give the user access to both privileged and unprivileged APIs. A combination of installed version of MX and operating system version will determine the capabilities that are available via MX.

Evaluation Steps

The following steps should be taken to determine what version of MX you should be targeting.

  1. Identify Features Needed
  2. Identify Device Compatibility
  3. Verify your target Device

Identifying Features Needed

Each version of MX contains a set of services that include individual features. Review each version's reference documentation to identify what version of MX that feature is included in.

Identify Device Compatibility

A given feature in a specific version of MX may or may not be supported on specific devices. Once you have identified the version of MX you are looking to use, you can then consult the device compatibility table to see if it is supported for your device.

Verify Your Target Device

Once you have identified the version of MX you intend to support, you need to check your device to ensure it will be running with the required MX version.