Consult the following developer guides on common subjects and usage of EMDK for Android features and APIs.

Android Memory Considerations For Developers

Android devices have a fixed amount of RAM for use by apps and the OS. Understanding memory allocation and management is important to assuring efficient and reliable operation of an app. Learn from Zebra developers how to best allocate and manage this limited resource.

Barcode API Programmer's Guide

The EMDK Barcode API provides applications with an ability to read the variety barcode labels using different scanner devices such as built-in imager/laser, built-in camera, Bluetooth ring scanners such as RS507 and RS600 and Pluggable ring scanner such as RS4000.

Battery Intent API Programmer's Guide

This guide describes the functionality of the Battery Intent API Interface.

EC30 Programmer's Guide

Application guidelines for the Zebra EC30 ultra-compact enterprise companion.

General Programming Practices

This guide contains various EMDK for Android programming tips.

Intent Guides

A list of guides for communicating with peripheral hardware connected to the host device using Android intents.

MDNA Licensing Guide

Describes the scenarios under which apps behave when attempting to access licensing features without a license and how to remedy.

Multi-user Programming

Includes code samples for properly programming an app to run on a device with multiple users.

Notification API Programmer's Guide

This guide provides an overview on design points to be considered during the development of an application that notifies users using Notification API in the business application workflow.

OCR Programmer's Guide

How to use the Barcode API to configure the device scanner to perform optical character recognition (OCR), which allows an app to capture various OCR font types as machine-encoded text.

PersonalShopper API Programmer's Guide

The MC18 device provided by Zebra allows developers to easily create applications in the Personal Shopper category. This guide contains examples specific to using EMDK for Android with the MC18.

Profile Manager Programmer's Guide

This guide provides the overview on getting the profile manager instance, profile XML, applying profiles, interpreting result returned by the Profile Manager Methods and the response XML schema for the developer to understand and configure the device based their application specific requirements.

SAM API Programmer's Guide

Understand how to use the Secure Access Module APIs to perform secure NFC transactions.

Scanner Parameter Config API Guide

A guide for pass-through APIs that can be used to set and get scanner parameter configurations in scanning applications.

SerialComm Programmer's Guide

How to communicate with devices connected to the serial and/or USB ports.

Signature Capture Programmer's Guide

Understand how to use the Barcode APIs to capture a written signature as an image.

SimulScan API Programmer's Guide

Understand how to use the SimulScan APIs to perform full document capture in your application. SimulScan involves capturing fields of interest in a given document and converting it into data that an end-user application can use immediately at the point of transaction.

UDI Label Scanning Programmer's Guide

The EMDK Barcode API exposes a UDI barcode scanning feature that provides applications with the ability to read UDI Labels from from three issuing agencies, GS1, HIBCC and ICCBBA.

WS50 Programmer's Guide

Application guidelines for the Zebra WS50 watch-sized enterprise computer.