Download Enterprise Home Screen

Enterprise Home Screen 2.8

EHS 2.8 Compatibility Notes

  • Supports Android Lollipop and higher only
  • Supports Android Nougat on:
    • MC33
    • TC20
    • TC25
    • TC51
    • TC56
    • TC70x
    • TC75x
    • WT6000
  • Download package includes two separate .apk files:
    • EHS_0208xx_A.apk - for all supported devices except TC20/TC25
    • EHS_0208xx_B.apk - for TC20/TC25 devices

Download EHS 2.8

Visit the Enterprise Home Screen download page to select a version for download.

After download, proceed to the EHS Setup page.

KitKat Support

For KitKat support, download EHS 2.6 or earlier.