Device Tracker 5.2


Device Tracker requires end-user licenses issued by Zebra Technologies. Licensing with Device Tracker is a simple, seamless process integrated with the normal operation of Device Tracker without the need for additional user intervention.

Licenses are shared from a single pool of licenses, regardless of expiration date. When a device registers to the Device Tracker server, if a license available, it is allocated to the device from the license pool.

Available license types:

  • Trial license (90-day evaluation period)
  • Term-based license:
    • 1-year term
    • 3-year term
    • 5-year term

This guide explains the process to obtain a Device Tracker license(s) for commercial use and apply the license(s) to individual devices.

Device-based Secondary BLE

For devices with a built-in secondary BLE, such as EC50/EC55, separate licenses are required for Device Tracker and secondary BLE operation: Device Tracker license and BLE license. Unlike the Device Tracker license, the BLE license is not monitored by the Device Tracker web portal.

To purchase a BLE license, visit the Zebra Solutions Pathway portal. The Zebra Licensing Portal is provided to view and monitor the BLE licenses.

To purchase a Device Tracker license, continue with the procedure below.

Battery-based Secondary BLE

For devices with a battery BLE (secondary BLE is located on the battery), a 3-year term Device Tracker license is supplied upon purchase of the battery. After 3 years, a new Device Tracker license is required for Device Tracker to function (follow the procedure below), or a new battery can be purchased with another 3-year term license. In this case, a separate BLE license is not required for secondary BLE functionality.

I. Contact a Reseller

The first step in obtaining a license is to engage with Zebra or a Zebra reseller.

  1. Visit Zebra's Device Tracker product page and select one of the methods for contacting Zebra directly or engaging with a reseller or partner.

  2. Alternatively, select one of the following Zebra resources:

II. Access Licensing System

After a licensing agreement is purchased from Zebra or a Zebra reseller, an email is sent to the requester containing user credentials for accessing the Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing system.

Visit the Zebra licensing support page. Register and log into the portal to:

  • Order licenses
  • Check status of existing orders

After licenses are processed, the license information is synchronized with the Device Tracker web portal every 24 hours. The administrator can perform a manual synchronization in the Device Tracker web portal to refresh the license data on-demand to synchronize with Zebra Enterprise Software Licensing system. The administrator monitors available licenses through the Device Tracker web portal to view licenses available, licenses consumed and total licenses.


License Summary in Device Tracker web portal

III. Automatic License Assignment

Assigning licenses is seamless and integrated into the device registration process with the Device Tracker server. Licenses are allocated to devices based on enrollment with the server on a first-come, first-served basis.

As part of the device registration process, after a device is staged with the server configuration, it communicates with the Device Tracker server. If a license is available, the server allocates a license to the device. After the device is licensed, Device Tracker is operational on the device. Otherwise, a message is displayed on the device indicating that a license is not available.