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Device Tracker 5.2


Device Tracker is a cloud-based solution with software onboarding guided by Zebra. Licenses are required and automatically managed by the system. One-, three-, or five-year license terms are available.


The following prerequisites must take place prior to installation:

  1. Procure Device Tracker licenses.

  2. Receive a welcome email from Zebra, which includes the following:

    • Device Tracker web portal link
    • First time login credentials. Reset the password for these credentials.
    • .PDF file used to configure the app to connect to the Device Tracker cloud server.
    • .XML file used when mass deploying the Device Tracker configuration.

    The 2 files supplied are referenced in the Installation section below.

  3. Make sure all requirements are met. If a firewall or proxy exists, specific ports and domain names must be allowed, see Network Requirements.

Get Started

Follow the steps below to get started.


  1. Install Device Tracker client on the devices.
    • For manual installation, follow the manual install procedure. This includes scanning the barcode in the .PDF file provided by Zebra to configure Device Tracker with the cloud server settings.
    • For EMM installation, follow the install through EMM procedure. This includes deploying the .XML provided by Zebra that configures the server connectivity settings.
  2. (Optional) Enable Secondary BLE to locate a device if it loses power.


  1. Create new user accounts based on role: administrator or manager. No user login is required for end users/associates.
  2. If SSO is enforced, follow steps to integrate SSO.
  3. Register sites and access points.
  4. Register devices.
  5. (Optional) Enable Checkin/Checkout for user accountability.
  6. (Optional) Configure Automation Thresholds for more efficient workflow.
  7. (Optional) Configure daily Device Summary reports to be sent by email to select managers and administrators.

Track Devices

Learn how to use Device Tracker to find devices.


Learn how to use the web portal dashboard to monitor and track devices.

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