User Roles

Device Tracker 4.0


Device Tracker features and functionality depend on the role of the user logged in: Associate, Manager, or Administrator.

Administrator Role

Administrators track devices across multiple sites. The Administrator role encompasses both the Manager and Associate roles.
Features and functions of administrators:

Manager Role

Managers track devices within a single site or location. The Manager role encompasses the Associate role.
Features and functions of managers:

  • View:
          ◦ Dashboard on device to view site-level data
          ◦ View list of misplaced or at-risk devices for retrieval
  • Actions:
          ◦ Set To Find marks the device to be found; initiates the finding process
          ◦ Recommission marks the device In Service to place into the active device pool, the collection of devices with active server communication
          ◦ Decommission removes the device from the active device pool
          ◦ View Details provides device data: friendly name, device model, serial number, last connected AP, battery level, battery status, device state, site name, last reported, display on, note
          ◦ Add/Edit a note - add text to capture the reason for decommissioning a device, for example: “device screen damaged”.
  • Includes all Associate actions

Associate Role

Associates have the capability to find misplaced devices.
Features and functions of associates:

  • No login required
  • Actions:
          ◦ View list of devices to find (To Be Found device list)
          ◦ Locate a device using last connected AP location, visual Bluetooth proximity indicator and play sound
          ◦ Mark device as Found or Cannot Find
          ◦ Use device check-out/check-in (optional)

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