Test Criteria

Device Diagnostic Tool 2.8


Device Diagnostic Tool tests for the operation of device hardware features based on specific criteria, with the following results:

  • Pass - if the criteria is met
  • Fail - if the criteria is not met
  • Information - displays informational data (pass/fail is not applicable)
Test Requires User Intervention Properties/Action Pass/Fail Criteria
Scanner Yes Scan a barcode Passes when a barcode is scanned successfully.
Button Yes Button press:
  - Scan trigger (left or right)
  - Push-to-talk
  - Volume up
  - Volume down
Passes when the button press is detected for each of the buttons.
Touch Screen Yes Touch grid Passes when touch is detected within each grid box on the screen.
Bluetooth No Information returned:
  - Name
  - Radio power cycle
  - Functional/
  - Connectable/
Passes if the Bluetooth radio can be power cycled and the information is returned successfully.
WLAN No Information returned:
  - MAC address
  - Network test
  - Signal strength (i)
  - IP address (i)
  - BSSID (i)
  - Speed (i)
Passes when the network test is successful.
WWAN No Information returned:
  - Sim state
  - Voice state
  - Data state
  - WAN type (i)
  - Signal strength (i)
  - Phone number (i)
  - Device ID (i)
Passes when the sim card is present. Passes automatically on non-WAN devices.
Battery No Information returned:
  - Part number
  - Serial number
  - Manufacture date
  - Battery Health
  - Voltage (i)
  - Current (i)
  - Temperature (i)
  - Level (i)
  - Current Capacity (i)
Passes if the battery health is good and the battery information is retrieved successfully.
Note: Current Capacity only applies to PowerPrecision+ batteries.
Audio Yes Record and play file User manual intervention is required. The user manually records audio then listens to the recording. Test pass/fail is based on user discretion. Device speakers should be used for this test - use of headphones is not acceptable. This test should be conducted in an environment with minimal background noise for successful testing. Set the device to maximum volume during playback for best results.
Note: This test cannot be performed if the device does not have a microphone, e.g. MC18.
SD Card No Information returned:
  - SD Card presence
  - Read
  - Write
  - Total space (i)
  - Free space (i)
Passes if the external SD card is present and both read and write passes. A warning results if the SD card is not present, or either read or write fails.
USB No Checks the functionality of the USB port on the device. Information returned:
  - USB host connection state
  - USB modes
  - USB Accessory connection state
Passes if the USB port is either connected to a host (e.g. laptop or PC) or connected with an accessory (e.g. pen drive, SD card reader).
Network No Checks for WLAN or WAN network connectivity Passes if the devices connects to a network, either WLAN or WAN.

Red colored text indicates sensitive information that is not displayed. Instead, “valid” or “invalid” is shown to indicate whether the information is detected in the proper format. “Valid” indicates the appropriate value was retrieved. “Invalid” indicates the value retrieved is null, empty, or does not match the expected MAC address pattern (only applies to MAC address).

(i) indicates informational data that is considered as extra data, which is displayed if show_extra_data is set to “true” in the configuration.xml file.

Refer to Configure Tests section for a description of each test.

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