Test Criteria

Device Diagnostic Tool 1.17


Device Diagnostic Tool tests the properties based on the subsystems listed in the following table. If pass/fail criteria exists, the result is one of the following:

  • Pass - if the criteria is met
  • Fail - if the criteria is not met
  • Info - displays an informational message (pass/fail is not applicable)
Subsystem Property Pass/Fail Criteria
Battery Level >5
Voltage info
Status info
Power Source info
Temperature <47 Celsius
Charge Cycles <1000
Backup Voltage info
Manufacturing Date info
GPS State enabled or disabled
Latitude info
Longitude info
Altitude info
Bearing info
Speed info
Accuracy info
System CPU Load Average CPU <97%
Free Physical Memory >10b
Free Storage >50b
Process Count <500
WLAN State enabled or disabled
Status connected or disconnected
ESSID info
BSSID info
Mac Address info
Signal info
IP Address info
WWAN State enabled or disabled
Type info
Signal Strength info
Phone Number info
Device ID info
Bluetooth State enabled or disabled
Status Paired or unpaired
Connectable/Discoverable info
Address info
Name info

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