About RFID SDK Xamarin (Android)

RFID SDK Xamarin (Android)


The Unified Zebra RFID SDK Xamarin (Android) is Xamarin library that adds a comprehensive set of APIs to easily create powerful applications for Zebra RFID Handheld readers. RFID SDK Xamarin (Android) includes class library, sample apps and source code to enable developers to easily build apps that take full advantage of the power of Zebra devices.

Supported Devices

HandHeld Readers

  • RFD2000
  • RFD8500

Android Versions

  • MC33XXR- Nougat and onwards NEW
  • RFD2000 - TC20 Nougat and onwards
  • RFD8500 - JellyBean Android 19 and onwards

What's New in

Device Support

RFID SDK adds support for the following mobile computers running Android N

  • MC33XXR RFID HandHeld Mobile Computer

Usage Notes

General Interest

  1. Initial settings for a project can be found at Creating a Project using Visual Studio.


Samples & Programmer's Guide

Look at the Sample Guide for more details on using these samples. You can also reference the Programmers Guide for a complete walk-through of building your first application using RFID SDK Xamarin (Android).