DataWedge Remote Administration

DataWedge 8.0


DataWedge Manager CSP (Configuration Service Provider) securely enables mass configuration deployment with the underlying MX framework, an XML-based communications platform that serves as a common interface for managing capabilities and behaviors of Zebra Android devices. The CSP is an MX plug-in that can set or query a particular configuration, allowing DataWedge to receive and process XML files. This lets device administrators utilize StageNow to create profiles specific to configuring DataWedge. Features that can be configured include:

  • Enable/Disable DataWedge UI
  • Enable/Disable configuration file import via intent API
  • Enable/Disable auto import of configuration file
  • Import configuration file from specified path
  • Import NextGen SimulScan Templates

See DataWedge Manager for more information.

Version History

  • DataWedge 7.5 - DataWedge Manager CSP support introduced, requires at minimum MX v9.2 and StageNow v3.5.
  • DataWedge 8.0 - Import NextGen SimulScan Templates

Enable/Disable DataWedge UI

Controls whether the DataWedge user interface is accessible to the device user, determining the ability to change DataWedge configuration settings on the device. If disabled, DWDemo profile settings can still be modified for demonstration purposes.

Enable/Disable configuration file import via intent API

Controls whether configuration files can be imported by apps via DataWedge Import Config intent API.

Enable/Disable auto import of configuration file

Controls whether DataWedge configuration files are auto-imported when located in the /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport folder on the device.

Import configuration file from specified path

Specifies the full path and file name to import the configuration file (datawedge.db) or profile (by default, dwprofile_<profilename>.db). Can be used instead of the default Auto-Import (/enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport) folder. The file name must adhere to the existing DataWedge file naming convention:

  • Config file is always named datawedge.db
  • Profile naming convention: dwprofile_<profilename>.db

Import NextGen SimulScan Templates

Import customized NextGen SimulScan Templates for document capture. This populates the selection for the Document Capture Template under the SimulScan scanning. Contact your local Zebra Sales Representative for assistance in creating the template. Refer to SimulScan Template in DataWedge Manager CSP for more information.

See Mass Deployment for more information.

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