Basic Intent

Shows how to receive scanned barcode data through an Android intent.

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DataWedge - 7.5


All supported Zebra Android devices


This sample demonstrates how to use DataWedge to receive scanned barcode data through an Android intent.

Available actions in this sample:

  • Display the following for each decoded barcode:
    • scan source
    • scan data
    • decoder type

Note: This application is intended for demonstration purposes only. It is provided as-is without guarantee or warranty and may be modified to suit individual needs. The appearance of sample app screens can vary by sample app version, Android version, and screen size.

APIs Used

DataWedge API App Functionality
None None


  • DataWedge (built-in all Zebra devices) is running on the device.
  • DataWedge profile created and associated with this sample app. See instructions below.

Using This Sample

Configure DataWedge to output scans via intent:

  1. Launch the DataWedge via Apps > DataWedge.

  2. Select a Profile, e.g. Profile0 which is used for all apps not explicitly assigned a profile.

  3. Confirm the following settings:

    • The profile is enabled
    • Barcode input is enabled
    • Intent output is enabled
  4. Configure the intent output as follows:

    • Intent action: com.basicintent1.ACTION (to match value defined in the strings.xml file)
    • Intent category: (leave blank)
    • Intent delivery: Broadcast intent

    img Figure 1: Profile settings

Using the app:

  1. Download, build, and launch the sample app. img Figure 2: App screen

  2. Scan a barcode. The data fields are populated: img Figure 3: App screen with captured data

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