Basic Intent

Shows how to receive scanned barcode data through an Android intent.

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DataWedge - 7.0


All supported Zebra Android devices


This sample demonstrates how to use DataWedge to receive scanned barcode data through an Android intent.

Available actions in this sample:

  • Display the following for each decoded barcode:
    • scan source
    • scan data
    • decoder type

Note: This application is intended for demonstration purposes only. It is provided as-is without guarantee or warranty and may be modified to suit individual needs.

APIs Used

DataWedge API App Functionality
None None


  • DataWedge (built-in all Zebra devices) is running on the device.
  • DataWedge profile created and associated with this sample app. See instructions below.

Using This Sample

Configure DataWedge to output scans via intent:

  1. Launch the DataWedge via Apps > DataWedge.

  2. Select a Profile, e.g. Profile0 which is used for all apps not explicitly assigned a profile.

  3. Confirm the following settings:

    • The profile is enabled
    • Barcode input is enabled
    • Intent output is enabled
  4. Configure the intent output as follows:

    • Intent action: com.basicintent1.ACTION (to match value defined in the strings.xml file)
    • Intent category: (leave blank)
    • Intent delivery: Broadcast intent

    img Figure 1: Profile settings

Using the app:

  1. Download, build, and launch the sample app. img Figure 2: App screen

  2. Scan a barcode. The data fields are populated: img Figure 3: App screen with captured data

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