Switch Scanner

DataWedge 6.7


Introduced in DataWedge 6.5.

Used to switch to a specific scanner at runtime, enabling selection of the optimal scanning device for the application, requirement or situation when an app is launched. Scanner must be available to the device at runtime.

The SWITCH_SCANNER_EX extra (added in DataWedge 6.6) allow scanners to be selected by a friendly name as defined in the scanner identifier table.

Function Prototypes

Intent i = new Intent();
i.putExtra("com.symbol.datawedge.api.SWITCH_SCANNER", "<scanner index>");

Intent i = new Intent();


ACTION [String]: "com.symbol.datawedge.api.ACTION"

EXTRA_DATA [String]: "com.symbol.datawedge.api.SWITCH_SCANNER"

EXTRA_DATA [String]: "<scanner index>" - index number of the scanner to use in the active Profile

Use ENUMERATE_SCANNERS to retrieve an index of scanners.

Scanner Identifiers

The scanner identifier permits scanners to be identified by a friendly name rather than an index number.

SCANNER_IDENTIFIER [String]: in each scanner info bundle for each scanner supported in the device. Both parameters are supported in DataWedge and higher; the scanner identifier value takes precedence if an index also is referenced in the code.

Possible values:

  • AUTO - Automatic scanner selection
  • INTERNAL_IMAGER - Built-in imager scanner
  • INTERNAL_LASER - Built-in laser scanner
  • INTERNAL_CAMERA - Built-in camera scanner
  • SERIAL_SSI - Pluggable Z-back scanner for ET50/ET55
  • BLUETOOTH_SSI - RS507 Bluetooth scanner
  • BLUETOOTH_RS6000 - RS6000 Bluetooth scanner
  • BLUETOOTH_DS3678 - DS3678 Bluetooth scanner
  • PLUGABLE_SSI - Serial SSI scanner RS429 (for use with WT6000)
  • PLUGABLE_SSI_RS5000 - Serial SSI scanner RS5000 (for use with WT6000)
  • USB_SSI_DS3608 - DS3608 pluggable USB scanner

Result Codes

DataWedge returns the following error codes if the app includes the intent extras RECEIVE_RESULT and COMMAND_IDENTIFIER to enable the app to get results using the DataWedge result intent mechanism. See Example, below.

  • DATAWEDGE_DISABLED - DataWedge is disabled
  • PARAMETER_INVALID - Given scanner parameter is invalid
  • PLUGIN_DISABLED - Scanner plug-in is disabled
  • PROFILE_DISABLED - Profile is disabled
  • SCANNER_ALREADY_ENABLED - Scanner is disabled
  • SCANNER_DISABLE_FAILED - Scanner is disabled

Also see the Result Codes guide for more information.

Return Values

Error and debug messages are logged to the Android logging system, which can be viewed and filtered by the logcat command. Use logcat from an ADB shell to view the log messages:

$ adb logcat -s DWAPI

Error messages are logged for invalid actions, missing parameters or other failures.

Example Code

The code below shows how to pass an intent to change to scanner "3" from the current scanner. To verify results of the switch (or if errors are expected), include the intent extras RECEIVE_RESULT and COMMAND_IDENTIFIER to get results.

String scannerIndex = “3”;

// create the intent and action
    Intent i = new Intent();
    i.putExtra("com.symbol.datawedge.api.SWITCH_SCANNER", scannerIndex);

// generate result codes

// send the intent




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