Version History

DataWedge 11.2

New in DataWedge 11.2

  • New options to capture data when executing advanced tasks from a workflow process using Workflow Input with corresponding SetConfig API parameters and Workflow Input Programmer's Guide to retrieve data programmatically:
    • OCR v1 (Early Access) - Mobility DNA OCR Wedge allows for the automatic recognition and capture of text in specific use cases and its conversion into digital data for delivery to any application. The specific use cases are: vehicle identification numbers (VIN), tire identification numbers (TIN), license plates and utility meters. Additionally, OCR can extract specific information from drivers licenses and identification cards.
    • Image Capture - Free-Form Image Capture enables the built-in imager to capture an image and decode the barcode.
  • New Barcode Highlighting feature provides on-screen feedback to identify the barcode being captured or aid in finding barcodes.
  • New feature to open a URL when scanning a QR Code barcode with QRCode Launch options.
  • New SWITCH_DATACAPTURE API to switch between barcode scanning and barcode highlighting or switch between workflow options. See corresponding Barcode Highlighting Programmer's Guide.
  • New Workflow Status from Notification intent API to receive notifications of status changes related to Workflow Input and Barcode Highlighting.
  • Added support for beep notification in Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) along with the capability to set the notification tone programmatically.

New in DataWedge 11.1

  • New default templates to capture a Whole Document as an image from Document Capture:
    • WholePage-MandatoryBarcode - capture any form or document that contains at least one barcode
    • WholePage-OptionalBarcode - capture any form or document that may or may not contain a barcode
  • New Multibarcode Params for capturing data using NG SimulScan MultiBarcode:
    • Specific number of barcodes to scan
    • Vairable Number of barcodes to scan:
      • Minimum number of barcodes to scan
      • Maximum number of barcodes to scan

New in DataWedge 11.0

  • Renamed the Auto Group Identification option (part of Document Capture with MultiBarcode) from Group of Common barcodes dynamic quantity to User-defined Barcode Quantity.
  • New Decoders section listing supported decoders and decoder parameters.
  • Android 11 scoped storage enforcement requires a deployment configuration change.
  • Added support for RFID Readers with USB CDC connectivity, such as RFD40.

New in DataWedge 8.2

New in DataWedge 8.1

New in DataWedge 8.0

New in DataWedge 7.6

  • Added Dutch Postal 3S and Finnish Postal 4S decoder support.
  • New Report Decoded Barcodes option for MultiBarcode decoding.
  • RFID input is disabled in Profile0, DataWedge's default profile. Previously it was enabled by default.
  • Improved look and feel of user interface. Refer to Settings and DWDemo.
  • Image Capture Mode option from Reader Params is removed due to changes in the scanner framework.
  • Support for SimulScan API is deprecated - SimulScan support will be removed from DataWedge beginning with Android 10 device support.

New in DataWedge 7.5

New in DataWedge 7.4

  • New Enterprise Keyboard Configuration feature introduced in DataWedge 7.4.44.
  • DataWedge 7.5 and later versions only support Android Oreo (v8.0) and later.
  • Introduced voice capture activation by PTT (push-to-talk) button with new Data capture start option.
  • Added new DPM support for barcode reader and SetConfig API.
  • Enterprise Keyboard option visible in the DataWedge profile screen is an upcoming feature for future use.

New in DataWedge 7.3

New in DataWedge 7.2

New in DataWedge 7.1

New in DataWedge 7.0

New updates are identical to DataWedge 6.9.

Other Changes

New in DataWedge 6.9

Other Changes

New in DataWedge 6.8

Other changes

The SimulScan Input Plug-in default template is now "Default - Barcode4.xml"

New in DataWedge 6.7

  • This version supports devices running Android Lollipop and higher only.

  • Supports multi-barcode input for simultaneous acquisition of more than one barcode at a time.

  • Enhanced inter-character delay function allows a delay to be specified for all characters or for multi-byte characters only.

  • AimType now supports Press and Sustain function continues a decode session until the Beam Timer is expired, barcode is decoded or the read is canceled.

  • A Dynamic Templates parameter allows the number of barcodes to be specified (from 1-99) for decoding on a form when using SimulScan Dynamic Templates.

  • A new IMPORT_CONFIG API allows Config and Profile settings files to be imported using an intent.

New in DataWedge 6.6

  • New serial input options allow DataWedge to specify communications parameters for a scanner or other device connected to a serial port and used to acquire data.

  • Import Reporting displays the results of imported databases and Profiles, allowing administrators to easily identify source/destination differences and make adjustments to compensate.

  • A new SET_REPORTING_OPTIONS API provides control of Reporting features with intents.

  • The SET_CONFIG API now configures multiple plug-ins with a single intent action.

  • The SWITCH_SCANNER API now supports friendly device names with a new extra.

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