Consult the following guides on common subjects and use of DataWedge features and APIs.

Get Started

This guide introduces how to use DataWedge and its features.

How Do I ...

This guide provides step-by-step procedures on how to perform commons tasks in DataWedge to capture data.

Usage Notes and Behavior

This guide discusses DataWedge usage notes and behavior.

DataWedge Settings

This guide discusses DataWedge settings, including enabling or disabling DataWedge, importing or exporting profiles and configuration files, and mass deployment.

General Programming Practices

This guide contains various DataWedge Android programming tips and best practices.

Developer Articles and Blog Posts

This guide contains multiple DataWedge articles and blog posts related to application development.


Learn how to deploy DataWedge configurations.

Control Access to DataWedge Intent APIs

Learn how administrators can control access to DataWedge Intent APIs to prevent unauthorized use of the APIs.

Document Capture Programmer's Guide

This guide provides information on how to use Document Capture to retrieve and process data from a scanned form based on a template.

Content Provider Programmer's Guide

This guide provides information on leveraging DataWedge's content provider to retrieve scanned data from large files.

Workflow Input Programmer's Guide

Learn how to develop an app to capture data using Workflow Input

Barcode Highlighting Programmer's Guide

Learn how to develop an app to switch between scanning and barcode highlighting and utilize the barcode highlighting feature.


This guide provides information on Mobility DNA (MDNA) Enterprise license required on Zebra Professional-series devices.