EOL Management

PowerPrecision Console 1.0


The Admin monitors battery status in the Admin View to check for any batteries that are nearing end-of-life (EOL) or at EOL based on the state-of-health (SOH). In either case, action must be taken to remove the battery from the device pool to avoid production loss. After identifying these batteries from the web portal, perform the following:

  1. Perform EOL - Alert the device end-user of the poor-health battery with instructions to prepare to swap the current battery with a new one. The alert messages can be customized. If the user is in the middle of a task, the message appears in the foreground and blocks the user from continued operation. The EOL messages can be sent either immediately, at a scheduled time or appear on the device with a snooze option. The snooze option informs the end-user that the poor-health battery needs to be swapped out soon and allows the user to complete a task prior to taking action. Once the user accepts the EOL message, the battery can be decommissioned.
  2. Decommission Battery - A notification is sent to the end-user requesting for the battery to be swapped out. The device is inaccessible at that time, preventing any further use until the decommissioned battery is removed and replaced with a healthy battery.
Procedures for each step are detailed in the sections below.

Perform EOL

Send an EOL request alerting the end-user to prepare for battery decommission. This provides the opportunity for the user to complete any current task prior to loss of battery life and enables the Admin to track the status of the EOL request. After completing this process, proceed to the section Decommission Battery below:

  1. In the Admin View click on Active tab.

  2. Select the battery/batteries to send the EOL request.

    img Figure 1. Battery Actions

  3. The Action button appears at the top left. Tap on the Action button and select "Perform EOL".

  4. The "Perform EOL" screen appears with the following options:
    Message to Display - Create customized content for end-user notification messages informing them to prepare for a battery swap to decommission the poor health battery from service.
    Allow user to snooze – Provide an opportunity for end-users to snooze (continue using the device temporarily) instead of immediately initiating the decommission process. When the device is in snooze mode, the admin dashboard provides an indication in the Status column. For example, “User Snoozed [2/5]” is displayed in the Status column, indicating the user has snoozed “2” times out of maximum “5” times. The maximum snooze count is set in the Client Settings tab from the Admin View.
    Scheduled – Select the date to schedule the EOL message to be sent. The message is sent at 12 am on the specified date.

    Trigger events for EOL messages are defined in the Client Settings tab in the Admin View. The EOL message is not received on the device until one of the enabled trigger events takes place.

  5. Select the desired options and tap Send.

  6. Tap OK in the confirmation message.

  7. The Admin View displays "EOL Request Sent" in the Status column of the battery.

  8. The EOL request is displayed on the device once one of the events are triggered as set in Client Settings.

    img Figure 2. Device EOL Request

  9. The user has the option to snooze (if configured by the admin) or initiate the battery swap. If “Battery Swap” is tapped, the decommission process is initiated. See Manually Decommission section. If the user taps “Snooze”, then the snooze duration can be selected: 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours. The same message reappears after the elapsed snooze time until the maximum snooze count is reached, at which time the Snooze option is no longer available.

  10. Accept the EOL request by tapping "Battery Swap" to start the decommission process.

  11. The Admin View displays "EOL Request Accepted" in the Status column of the battery. The battery is removed from the Active tab and moved to the Decommissioned tab on the Admin View. The battery can now be decommissioned. Continue to step 8 in Decommission Battery section below.

Cancel EOL

The EOL request can be cancelled with the following steps:

  1. In the Admin View click on Active tab.
  2. Select the battery/batteries to cancel the EOL request.
  3. Accept the confirmation message.
  4. The Action button appears at the top left. Tap on the Action button and select "Cancel EOL Request".
  5. The battery status in the Admin View displays "In service - active".

Decommission Battery

Decommission the battery to prevent further device use, allowing for the battery swap and removal of the poor-health battery from service. This can be performed by one of the following methods:

  • Prior to battery decommission, alert the end-user of the need to decommission the battery by following the steps in section Perform EOL above. This provides an opportunity for any current task to be completed by the user. Then skip to step 8 below to proceed with battery decommission and battery swap.
  • Manually decommission the battery by skipping the Perform EOL process and immediately performing the battery decommission with the steps below.

Steps to decommission the battery:

  1. In the Admin View click on Active tab.

  2. Select the battery/batteries to decommission.

  3. The Action button appears at the top left. Tap on the Action button.

  4. Select "Decommission Battery". A confirmation message appears to decommission the selected battery/batteries.

  5. When confirmed, a message appears in the Admin View indicating the battery has been decommissioned. The battery is removed from the Active tab and moved to the Decommissioned tab on the Admin View.

  6. When the EOL Alert event is triggered (as configured in the Client Settings tab) the device end-user receives a message notification indicating that the battery needs to be decommissioned.

    img Figure 3. Decommission Battery

    The user cannot access the device until the steps are followed to swap out the battery to decommissioned.

  7. Tap “Battery Swap”. The Battery Swap Mode application appears.

    img Figure 4. Battery Swap

  8. Tap Swap Battery. Follow the procedure as instructed to replace the poor health battery with a healthy battery without loss of information.

  9. After swapping the battery, press the power button to turn the device back on.

  10. Manually take the decommissioned battery out of service and remove it from inventory.

Undo Decommission

If a battery is decommissioned prematurely or mistakenly, it can be placed back into commission.

  1. In the Decommission tab in the Admin View, select a battery to undo decommission.
  2. Click the Action button.
  3. Click Undo Decommission.
  4. The battery is moved to the Active tab with status "In service - active".

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