EMDK for Xamarin Setup

EMDK For Xamarin 2.7

Before you get started

In order to use the EMDK for Xamarin, you will need to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2015, or 2017 as your development environment. Zebra does not provide licenses for Microsoft Visual Studio or licenses for Xamarin Platform.

Development Environment

Consult the Xamarin and Microsoft documentation for installing and setting up Xamarin.Android, Visual Studio(Windows) or Xamarin Studio(Mac):

Getting Started

1) Install The EMDK For Xamarin NuGet Package

NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports Xamarin components and is requiring providers to use NuGet distribution. If you are not using Visual Studio 2017, you should consider upgrading.

2) Understand Profile Manager

One unique feature to EMDK for Xamarin is to control device behavior and configuration through the use of profiles. The EMDK Profile Manager lets you create profiles right from your IDE using a GUI interface for selecting the features and settings that your application wishes to use. Then in your application you would simply apply the profile when needed. This results in a simple approach and minimal lines of code required to accomplish tasks

3) Build a Simple Application

Now that you have your environment setup and have an overview of the EMDK for Xamarin, let's walk through and build an application from scratch.

### 6) Check out our docs We have a lot more resources for you to benefit from: - API reference - Developer Guides - Tutorials - Videos - More Samples - [More docs online](http://emdk.github.io/xamarin-docs/edge)