UDI Label Scanning

Shows how the Barcode API's UDI label scanning features are used.

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EMDK For Android - 6.9


TC51 M/N, TC56 M/N


This sample application will show how the Barcode API's UDI Label scanning features can be used to scan Barcodes in a UDI Label. This API supports scanning of labels from three issuing agencies ( GS1, ICCBBA, and HIBCC).


Although this sample may work with previous versions of the EMDK, it is advised to update the EMDK runtime on your device before loading this sample.

Loading the Sample Application

The following guide will walk you through setting up the EMDK samples in your IDE.

Using This Sample

1. With Trigger type set to Hard, Press the Scan button to enable the scanner.

  • Status Label will display Waiting img

2. Now point the scanner of your device at a UDI Label and press the Hardware Scan Trigger.

  • Upon a successful scan, the type of UDI label and a table of UDI Data will be displayed. img